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Computer Tips and Tricks: Add a Password

I was recently asked ” How do I add a password to a word document?” The good news it is really easy to do and works for all MS Office documents.

Add a Password

  1. Draft a document or open up a document that you would like to password protect.
  2. Go to File and choose Save As
  3. In the dialogue box that pops up choose from Tools (you will see it in the lower right h and corner)computer tips  and tricks: add a password
  4. Choose from the pull down menu General Options
  5. A new box will appear and you can put in your password.
  6. Click on Ok. You will then be promoted to confirm the password.
  7. The save the document

You have now added a password to your document. If you decide to add a password make sure that you choose something that is more difficulty than 1234 or the word password if you want real protection.

Remove a Password

If you need to remove the password:

  1. Open the file in question
  2. Go to File and Save As
  3. Click on the Tools pull down menu and choose General Settings
  4. Delete the password to open and click on ok
  5. Then save the document.