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It is one of the hardest days for a business owner or manager. The day you have to let an employee go. There is a lot of anxiety surrounding that decision. Don’t make it even worse by forgetting to take care of your online content and business data saved in house on your computers or back up server.

Most of the time nothing is going to happen but it is better to be safe than sorry from an angry ex employee. I would even take these steps if your employee left of their own accord. Your data and online content has real value and the cost of losing it or having someone willfully destroying it can be devastating.

So what should you do?

Before you sit down with the employee, prepare a list of all the websites, social media feeds and other accounts that the employee has access to and is an authorized user.

Advise your web host provider of the pending changes and the date of these changes. Arrange to have them remove their access to the website.

Advise your on site security provider of the changes and make arrangements to have the employees access revoked from the security system on the day of dismissal.

When you are sitting down with the employee, have a trusted person change all the passwords to your back up server, social media feeds, email and any other accounts that they have had free access to during their tenure with the business.

We all like to believe the best in people but its very important to protect your data and online identity from someone who chooses to be a destructive force. A good exit process plan that is executed will protect your business from willful tampering of your online identity and important data.